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Online Voice Recorder

Online Voice Recorder

Effortless, private, and dependable voice recording

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Experience Online Voice Recording with Ease

Our free voice recorder app enables you to record audio using your microphone right in your browser. With no downloads or account needed, it's simple and private. Just click record and start capturing your voice today!

How to Use Our Online Voice Recorder

Follow these simple steps to start recording your voice today

  1. Start Recording

    Press the Record button on the homepage to initiate audio recording.

  2. Grant Microphone Access

    Authorize microphone access when prompted by your browser.

  3. Click Stop to Finish

    Press the Stop button when you've completed your recording.

  4. Playback Recording

    Press the Play button to listen to your recording.

  5. Download Recording

    Click the Download button to save your recording in MP3 format.

Features overview


Our online voice recorder is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring a smooth experience for all users.

Private Recording

Record audio privately without needing an account or download. Your recordings remain on your device and are not shared with anyone.


Our free voice recorder app is dependable and compatible with any device that has a microphone and internet access.

Unlimited Recording

Enjoy limitless audio recording with our unlimited recording feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an account required to use the online voice recorder?

No, you don't need an account to utilize our online voice recorder. Simply press the Record button and start capturing audio.

Can I download my recordings?

Yes, after completing your recording, you can download it to your device.

Will my recording be private?

Absolutely, your recording remains private and stored on your device. We don't send, share or save your recordings.

Can I record without a time limit?

Yes, our unlimited recording feature allows you to record for any duration you need.

Is the online voice recorder free to use?

Indeed, our online voice recorder is completely free, with no hidden costs or fees.

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